A new archeological discovery in Saqqara, the land of mystery, ancient splendor and secrets.

A new archaeological discovery in Saqqara, the land of mystery, ancient splendor and secrets.

The Egyptian archaeological mission working there uncovered 100 well preserved sealed wooden coffins and 40 statues of the deity, Ptah Soker, God of the Saqqara Necropolis, including gilded statues and 20 wooden boxes of the god Horus, and two statues of "Phnomus", one of them is 120 cm high, and the other is 75 cm high made of acacia wood. In addition to the unveiling of a number of Ushabti statuettes and amulets, and 4 Golden masks of gilded cartonnage.

In an international press conference attended by more than 300 members of local and foreign media and press members, the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities announced another big discovery by an Egyptian mission

The new discovery was found at the same place as the previous discoveries that was announced last October.

 the coffins have to be extracted from the shafts where they were discovered to make room to continue the exploration of the new shafts behind them.

that coffins will be distributed to the Grand Egyptian Museum, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the Egyptian Museum of Tahrir, and the Museum of the New Administrative Capital.

Dr. Khaled El-Enany indicated that the coffins that will be transferred to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir will be a gift that will be presented to the museum on its 118th anniversary.

During the announcement of the archaeological discovery, a coffin was opened with a mummy inside, and the mummy was scanned with an X-ray. A short film about the archaeological discovery was also shown.

Dr. Mostafa Waziry, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the X- ray of the mummy showed that it was of a male, who was in good health during his life and that he probably died between the age of 40 and 45 years and that his height ranged between 165 and 175 cm.

It is worth noting that the area in which this discovery was found is the "tomb of noblemen" in Saqqara, in which the sacred necropolis of cats, animals and birds was found. This is in addition to the great discovery of the tomb of "Wahty", a priest of the Republic Fifth Dynasty, which was praised by the whole world.

About saqqara

Saqqara, is one of the most important sites of the Memphis necropolis , which is the first capital of Egypt. It extends from Abu Rawash in the north to Dahshur in the south, pointing out that the Necropolis of Memphis is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in Egypt.

It is a very large area with around 13 pyramids. Kings, high rank citizens and senior officials were buried there from the ancient era, alongside their families through most eras of ancient Egyptian history (Pharaonic, Greek and Roman). Saqqara also has a number of ancient monasteries and the largest animal necropolises.

Saqqara is a very rich area that is still full of mysteries that is revealed to the world every now and then. Emphasizing that it is expected with, continued excavations, to find more human and animal tombs.


Also the discoveries of​​ Saqqara archaeological site is on the list of the top 10 most important discoveries of the year, according to the American “Archaeology” Magazine.

Saqqara archeological site is still full secrets that are yet to be revealed.

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